Hi Everyone,
Thanks for taking your time to find Holy Roast Coffee online. We sure thank all of you who buy coffee from us because every penny goes to support the gospel of Jesus Christ and support the nation of Israel. If you have a moment, I would like to tell you how “Pastor Leo” began roasting coffee and how roasting coffee turned into reaching the world for Christ.
At the age of 25 I gave my life to our Lord Jesus, and when I did, from that very moment I knew I would follow Him for the rest of my life. I was entertaining in the hotels of Reno, Las Vegas, and Lake Tahoe. My wife Ms. Sandra became a Christian and then she led me to salvation in Jesus Christ. I’ll never forget the look on her face when she saw me stand up and go forward to receive Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.
Many things have changed since that day. I now pastor, Mission Valley Christian Fellowship in San Diego California. Our radio program Real Life Radio reaches out to millions of listeners across America, and multiple internet sites reach worldwide. Last year we heard from 110 different nations, many of them strict Muslim countries where Christianity is against the law. I have 3 kids, 11 grandchildren, and I have been devoted to my wife, Ms. Sandra since we met and married in 1972.
Some years ago now, while I was ministering in Kauai, a friend of mine who roasts his own coffee brought us some to try. I didn’t drink coffee because I always thought it was so bitter. I didn’t like the bitterness so I just didn’t drink it. Well, when my wife tried it, she said “this is the best coffee I’ve ever tasted!” She told my friend, “I’m amazed that its not bitter!” Coffee that’s not bitter? At first I couldn’t believe it and then my curiosity made me wonder why it was so smooth and not bitter. I thought all coffee is bitter… that’s just the way coffee is. Not so.
When coffee is first roasted, especially if it’s roasted right… each different coffee has its own special flavor. Where its grown, what’s in the soil… is it grown in the shade of the jungle or on mountain tops. How much does it rain, all of these variables go into the flavor of the coffee making it very rich and robust. However, after its roasted it has a very short time before the oil on the coffee bean begins to turn rancid and that’s what makes the taste become bitter. Also when the coffee is reheated or percolated this changes the coffee and makes it even more bitter.
My wife said; “You need a hobby so why don’t you learn to roast coffee for me?” Since I started my little hobby, I have gone from roasting on a home machine that roasts one pound every 20 minutes to the award winning professional Renegade 15 Kilo! During that time, I have formed many friendships with different plantation owners from around the world.
Each has shared with me their own “secret” roasting tips. On their suggestion, I have purchased many different beans, from low to high end. This has helped me to better understand the many different subtleties and nuances of the many special flavors our Lord God has put into his “Heavenly Sip” and the extra ability to roast really great coffee!
Have you ever thought of how much money is spent on coffee? Some estimate that by the year 2012 over 59 billion dollars a year will be spent on coffee! Wouldn’t it be great as Christian believers to drink the finest coffee and then know that the money you spent for coffee went towards reaching the world for Jesus Christ and helping the nation of Israel?
That’s our goal here at Holy Roast Coffee. To provide you with the best coffee, and then give you a fun way to share your faith and support the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Each bag has John 3:16 printed on it, and the great taste speaks for its self.
As I say a prayer for you, will you say one for me too? As you’re enjoying the best cup of coffee you quite possibly have ever had…Please ask the Lord to bless our sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ! When you purchase Holy Roast Coffee, you are helping us spread the Good News worldwide!
Thank you! Please tell your friends.
As Always, May The Lord Jesus Christ Be Magnified!
Pastor Leo Giovinetti

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